Will you do a spell for me?

I'm going to try to lay this out as nicely as I can, here it goes: I hear a version of this question at least 2-3 times a week. The answer is always the same, "No, I cannot do a spell for you. I have no vested interest in your issue, no one does but you. Only you have the correct energy. Only you have the power to perform a spell for yourself. I can help you gather the supplies or give you ideas where to start, but ultimately YOU are the magic."

As I get up on my soap box - This is an issue that comes up a lot and to a real witch it's like nails on a chalkboard. This is what they are actually asking "Do it for me. I don't want to put in the effort. You do it." If you don't want to put in the effort, don't bother. Spell casting is NOT a "do it for me" kind of ritual and the people that will charge you $200 to throw some herbs around a candle and call it a spell are a scam, pure and simple. Just, don't. Instead do some research, grab…

Mabon - Creating a Sacred Space for the Changing Season

Mabon coincides with the Fall Equinox, the 23rd of September. It's one of my favorite holidays, besides Samhain. The trees put on cloaks of gold, red and orange. The air takes on a crispness that makes you rush for your comfy sweaters. Well, it did when I lived in Colorado. Here in Southern California the leaves don't change and there's balmy 100 degree days in September. Boy, do I miss Colorado autumn. So I do what I can to bring in the Fall.

My altar and home get decorated with many significant things for the changing seasons. We start with wheat to represent the bountiful harvest and to remind us to be thankful for the things we have. Then comes the Fall leaves - each with their own color significance: Brown is for animals, home and health. Red fuels courage, independence, passion and survival. Orange for prosperity, creativity, releasing bad habits and ambition. Yellow for joy and happiness. Gold invokes spirituality, divination, fortune and communication with Spirit. …

Successful Spells and Rituals: Do they need to be elaborate to work?

Many, many books on Witchcraft will have long, elaborate rituals spelled out to the letter of the "Universal Law" with lot's of rules, that if not followed to the letter will mean the destruction of your very soul!   -   Oh my, what to do? When I first started, all of that seemed so overwhelming and expensive! I didn't have a couple hundred dollars for a ceremonial robe or the means to make one, another hundred or so for an athame (ritual knife), a crown, twelve candles, the name of a spirit or daemon to summon blaa, blaa, blaa. Not to mention the times! On this exact night, at this specific hour, but only if the moon was waxing, and if you saw three ravens that day. Good grief. I pretty much shoved those books aside and did what I could. Guess what, soul is still intact.

Magick is just as powerful when it is simplified to fit your life, schedule and budget, as long as the intent and energy is there. Now, if you want to do the elaborate rituals, by all means knock you…

How do I clear my crystals?

Crystals absorb and store energy. Periodically they will need to be cleansed and re-charged. The more you use them for healing or protection the more often they will need to be cleaned of stagnate energy. Clearing your crystals is a very important step to do when you get a new one and don’t know how it’s been used previously or who has handled it.
First of all - KNOW YOUR STONE! There is a wonderful series of books called "The Crystal Bible" by Judy Hall. I believe there is 3 of them. SO worth picking up. Not only does she explain the metaphysical properties of the stones and crystals and how to use them but also ideas on how to cleanse them safely. Some stones like Amethyst and Citrine will bleach in the sun, selenite can be damaged by water. Soft stones you don't want to put in salt, because it may scratch them. Be careful with your crystals and learn as much as you can.

Here are some ideas on how to clean a working stone or crystal:
Bury the stone in the ground overnig…

Simple Rituals for a Full Moon

Tonight is the full Sturgeon Moon. Full moons have always been a mystical, magic time to get in touch with the power of the Universe. When the moon is full it represents the joining of energy, celebration and completion. It's a time to recharge and renew, not only ourselves but our magical tools and crystals as well. The moon is known to increase intuitive sensitivity and psychic powers making it an optimal time for divination, tarot readings and connecting with ancestors.

Smudging! The one thing we always do in our home is do an easy smudging ritual to clear ourselves and our space and prepare them to release anything that no longer serves us. Depending on the month we've had we use Sage, Palo Santo and/or Dragon's Blood to clear out the heaviness. This gives you a clean slate as the moon turns to waning.

Time to clear and charge those crystals! Crystals will absorb and store energy, periodically it is necessary to clean and re-charge their energy. The light of the full moo…

My Favorite Things About Witchcraft

Being a proper witch for over 28 years has given me a lot of time to practice the Craft. It's been a fun, sometimes exhausting journey, but one happily taken.
Here are a few of my favorite things about witchcraft: 1. No rules. Now, don't get confused with the Wicca religion, it has a ton of rules! - Witchcraft does not, only the ones you appose upon yourself. Common sense things like, "Harm none, but take no shit!", be civil, "with great power comes great responsibility". Just remember for every action there's a reaction.  2. The freedom and power to be yourself. You are allowed to follow what ever branch of the Witchcraft tree suits you the best. There is no right and wrong way. It's your path. 3. There's SO much to learn you'll never get bored or hear the same things over and over again. I think that's why I enjoy being an Eclectic Witch so much because of all the new things to learn and do. 4. Creating your own destiny. Having the power an…

My Spell Flopped! Why?

You found just the right spell, got all the ingredients, did it at the right time of the moon cycle and  nothing happened.... or it wasn't what you thought it would be. What went wrong?

Here's an example: I had just moved to California with my Handsome Devil. Money was tight, so I did a quick money spell. Used all the right herbs, the right candle, did it while the moon was waxing, said what I thought was all the right things - something like "...Bring the money needed - may no one be hurt - may no one die...". Couple of days later - the Handsome Devil is in a car accident. Sure we got a check for $5,000 because his car was totaled but we had to spend it on a new car. Bummer! We got money quick. He wasn't hurt. No one died.

What happened: The spell technically worked with the information it was given, it just wasn't what I expected. The problem - I didn't get specific enough! When doing any spell make sure the words you use are all encompassing and focused.…